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Your task is to

1) Create a Virtual machine in the Azure portal You Virtual machine should have:

a) The name of the resource group should be your name_studentID.

b) Use an image as Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS.

c) The administrator account should be SSH public key.

  i) SSH public should be generated by using putty_gen. Copy the generated public key and paste it in the SSH public key.

 ii) Save the key by clicking on save private key and save it on .ppk format

d) Make sure HTPPS and HTTP and SSH virtual machine network ports are accessible from the public Internet

2) Connect via SSH

a) Download PuTTY from the PuTTY website.

b) The hostname is provided in your VM in the format asd@ and Port is 22.

c) Provide a private key generated on the previous step on the SSH-->Auth-->Private key file for authentication.

d) Click Open and you should get the screen as shown below.

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