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Case Study: MyTrip Travel Services (MTTS)

MTTS offers first-class and affordable holiday experiences to the Swinburne university students. Initially a manual booking system, but changes and advances in technology, MTTS has transformed the business using an online system. The current online system performs the basic operations of maintaining their current listing of the resorts (uploaded as a PDF file) and student inquiries.

In addition to its existing functions, they would like to enhance their current website to promote their business. In the recent board meeting, it was discussed that bookings could be increased by enhancing the travel experience before, during and after the trip. At this stage, MTTS’s main clients are Swinburne Students. However, they don’t get any feedback from students after their trips. MTTS thought of a social networking system that would help them to collect student’s feedback about the resort. MTTS also wants the resorts to be able to update all their information on-line once they are registered with the MTTS system.

Your Task:

You, as a business analyst, are invited to assist MTTS with the upgrading of the existing online system. The above-mentioned information is what you all have about the system so far. However, you will get an opportunity to interview (max for 10 minutes) with Mr. Chris Nelson (the owner and CEO of MTTS) to ask further questions (if there is any) about the up-gradation of the online system.

This assignment has 2 parts: Requirement Elicitation (Part 1) and Requirement Modelling (Part 2).

PART 1: REQUIREMENT ELICITATION (15% of the total mark)


Each group will conduct an interview with the client (represented by your lecturer or tutor) during Week 6. Using the “Before the Interview” guidelines given below, teams need to prepare for the interview. It is highly recommended that all team members of the team be present for the interview. Regardless of the information sent to your client (lecturer/tutor) as part of the interview process, you must still submit all the mentioned items as part of your Assignment 2 submission via Canvas.

• Before the interview:

Interview preparation

You need to plan your interview and create an agenda including the questions you are planning to ask. You also need to send the agenda to your client (represented by your lecturer/tutor) at least 24 hours before the interview. You should also send your client a reminder of the interview before it is to take place. All these activities must be documented and approved by all members of your team.

• After the Interview:

Interview documentation

You need to submit the following documents as part 1 of your assignment:

• Interview Plan - You plan should include:

o A list of the tasks your team plans to conduct to complete the interview process from the beginning to the end.

o You plan must show how the tasks are communicated within the team

o You plan must show how the tasks are communicated with your client

o Your plan also shows tasks assigned to the members (i.e. specify the responsible member(s) for each task and explain why the member(s) is a suitable person(s) for that task).

o Interview Agenda (as described above).

o Interview minutes and detailed interview records

• Proof of communication: Proof of all necessary and relevant communication with the client (e.g. email correspondence with the client for an interview reminder)

• Reflection: Each member should reflect on the process of Requirements Elicitation, highlighting the major challenges faced during the process and also the key things learned from it (Up to 300 words).

• No references are required for this part

Part 2: Requirement Modelling (15% of the total mark)

For part 2 (Requirement Modelling), you are required to draw a use case diagram for the updated MTTS system. You are also required to provide detailed use case description and activity diagram for the updated system.

Please note that work on Part 2 of this assignment can commence only after Week 7 when the formal requirements are made available to the students.

No references are required for this part

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