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Task: Assume that you are an international business consultant to B-Health, an Australian firm based in Queensland which specialises in the production and exporting of baby food. You will analyse the market potential for their products in New Zealand and Hong Kong.
Your task is to write a report that analyses and compares the socio-economic, political and business environments of New Zealand and Hong Kong. Your report will conclude with a country recommendation, and justification for your selection based on a weighted index.

Submission: Submit your report via Safe Assign before 2019. Use Word to compile your report but submission is often easier if you then save it as a PDF file. Do not include this task guidelines document or the criteria sheet in your upload.

Recommended Length: 1,500 words from Introduction to Conclusion (title page, references and in-text citations, words in tables and graphs are not included in the word count).

Note: B-Health is not a real company. This is a simulated firm used only for the purpose of this assignment.

Getting started: Begin by considering the company and its products. Although B-Health is not a real company, it mimics a number of Australian baby food producers and you can gain a better understanding of this type of business by taking a look at their websites. 
Research quality academic and industry resources for broad country indicators, as well as specific variables particularly important for the exporting of baby food. Some suggestions to start with include broad macroeconomic variables such as the size and features of the economy; tariff and non-tariff trade barriers; trade relationship with Australia; levels of political risk, Ease of Doing Business, etc. 

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