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Part 1:
In terms of PCs, the IT centre has the following plans:

1. It wants to setup one web server to host the center’s website and
2. It wants to setup one file server on which its students can access course materials from home in addition to E-mail and an FTP servers,
3. Each of these will be allocated a different DNS name
4. The IT center wants to set up three computer labs, containing (60 PCs), (90 PCs) and (45 PCs) with each having internet connectivity
5. Additionally it wants to allocate 7 PCs, each of which will be placed in different classrooms and are to be used by the course tutor. These PCs also require internet connectivity
6. 2 PCS will be given to the system administrator, with the facility to provide any type of Internet services on them
7. Also, 5 PCs will be made available for administration and another 3 for tutors Please note that management has decided that these PCs should not get internet connectivity but should still be able to access the web and file server
8. A wireless network should be made available to students which can allow students internal access to the file and web server but not to the internet
9. Furthermore, authorized users of the network are able to login remotely (e.g. from their homes, Internet cafes) via a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
     a. Provide two (2) possible security requirements for the new network design
     b. State two (2) possible rules in the security policy document for the new network. For each rule, explain its rationale (i.e. why the rule is in place)
10. Provide one (1) test objective and its corresponding acceptance criterion that are relevant to the newly designed network. List out the complete test script for the test. In your report, provide a drawing of the logical network diagram of the new network by incorporating any additional devices such as protocol analyzers to illustrate the testing environment. You do not need to do this in Packet Tracer. In addition to the testing environment, the diagram should also depict the entire setup of the new network
     a. Types of test to run Performance tests – Throughput – Delay – Delay variation – Response time – Efficiency Stress tests – Decreased service when the load increases Failure analysis – Network availability and accuracy – Causes of outages Other tests – Manageability, usability, adaptability, security, regression
11. Explain what regression testing is and give one (1) example of this type of testing for the above network design scenario.
12. Propose one (1) method to further improve the security of the new network
13. What aspects of network management related to fault and accounting that can be implemented on the new network?
14. You have to design the network topology. At this stage, you have to provide evidence of the system setup by stating and overview network topology and details of every departmental network design
15. Estimation Costing
     a. Produce a listing of equipment and implementation cost. This includes software license, installation, operation and maintenance cost

Part 2:
You have to write ONE (1) report that on ONE (1) current trends of network technologies below. Case studies can be included. Each group member MUST NOT have overlapped topic. The suggested topics but NOT limited to:

1. Content Distribution Networks (CDN)
     a. Is CDN meeting the challenge of distributing massive amount of video streaming
2. Network Congestion Control
     a. The causes and the costs of congestion
     b. Approaches to congestion control
3. Software Define Network (SDN)
     a. How SDN different from conventional network design and implementation?
4. Dynamic Adaptive Streaming (DASH) over HTTP
     a. Implementation of DASH in the Internet
     b. How is DASH different from other streaming protocol?
5. Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
     a. Study at surface level why MPLS is replacing Frame Relay and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
6. Data Center Networking
     a. A brief introduction to data center setup on providing cloud application
7. Wireless and Mobile Networks
     a. CDMA
     b. 802.11
     c. Cellular 4G: LTE
8. Security in Networks
     a. Authentication protocols
     b. Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
9. Multimedia Networking
     a. Voice-over-IP (VoIP)
     b. Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
     c. Quality of Service (QoS)

Your write up should not be more than 1000 words, excluding diagrams and references.

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