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Assignment 1

A. Task Description 

A.1. Overview 

Your task is to create and test a database in MySQL using PhpMyAdmin. You are provided with a scenario and supporting documents, describing the requirements that Southern Cross University may have for a database to handle their student enrolments. You are provided with most of the design for such a database and will need to create a relational database to meet the client needs. You will also need to add sample data and create SQL queries to provide results suitable for reporting.

A.2 Scenario 

A systems analyst has partially designed this database (see Entity Relationship Diagram provided). You have been brought into the project to finish creating and testing the database to support SCU needs. Additional to the ERD, SCU has provided you with some lists and details about what information needs to be stored for enrolment and recording of student results. Some of the data for each of these lists has been provided in the file SCUStudentEnrolment.xlsx, included with this assessment. The client had provided you with as much as they know about the data requirements. As with most client-provided data, much information is duplicated in the sample data (the data is not normalised), and the spreadsheets do not reflect the finished database table design. 

You will have to decide on and set the data-types and lengths, as well as finish the design of the database. In addition to storage of information about students, courses (such as Master of IT), units (such as DTB91001), staff and workshops, you must allow for the following: 

A.2.1 Record student enrolment in a course, including enrolment date; 

A.2.2 Record student enrolment in a unit, including the Session and the type of enrolment (internal or external); 

A.2.3 Record student enrolment in a workshop; 

A.2.4 Record student assessment submission, with date submitted and marks given. 

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