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You are to engage with a real organisation and assist them with understanding a Data Resource Management (DRM) Issue. 

Alternatively, you are to deploy a comprehensive case study that discusses a DRM issue in an organisation and use this as your practical reference.

(Note: You may use the same DRM Issue as used in the Group Project if desired.)

(Case studies are to be used as a reference point for data and not to be used as normal case analysis and discussion study)

The Abstract will include a brief summary describing the issue and possible resolutions (or ways forward);

The deliverables will include:

• An academic paper containing:

 o Title

 o Abstract

 o Introduction

 - Overview of the business issue

 - Research Approach

 o Literature review

 o Results

 o Discussion

 - Suggestions for further work

 o References

 o Appendix: Complete case study (if applicable)

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