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ITSA2005 | Design an Automated Server Installation Strategy Lab 1 | Web Design

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Exercise 1.1: Planning and Selecting Images (Data Collection and Tracking Project)

To accommodate a new line of products, you must deploy 400 new servers in the data center. The servers will be used to keep track of product settings and will constantly collect and analyze data from the sold security products. In addition, if sales increase as planned, you will need to deploy a hundred servers each month over the next year or two. Of these servers, there are four types:

-File server – Stores documents and logs
-Web server – Allows device and user access over the Internet
-Database server – Allows storage and retrieval of data
-Application server – Includes applications that allow the management of the system and includes components that process the data.

Answer the following questions:

Question 1:
Which type of image—sector-based images or file-based images—should be selected and why?

Question 2: Which type of image (thick, thin, or hybrid) should be used to deploy the servers and why?

Question 3:
What is the minimum number of images necessary to deploying these servers and why?

Question 4:
Which server deployment strategy should be used to deploy these servers (High Touch with Retail Media, High Touch with Standard Image, Lite-Touch, High-Volume Deployment, or ZeroTouch, HighVolume Deployment) and why?

Question 5: Based on your answer to Question 4, which servers are necessary for the deployment and which software components must be run by those servers?

Question 6: When you deploy the four types of servers, how do you specify which roles, features, files, and applications are deployed to the deployed server?

Exercise 1.2: Installing and Configuring Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

Install Windows Deployment Services on the Server and deploy windows images (any windows image can be used) over network. In order to configure WDS you need to Install ADDS, DNS and create a domain. Please remember that the server name must be your student ID. To store your images and unattended.xml files, create the C:VIT-Images folder on Server. The Windows Server 2012 installation disk can be found in Lab Files folder in C drive.

•When you are installing Windows Deployment Services (WDS) role in Windows Server 2012 R2, take screenshots of the installation process.
•When the Windows Deployment Services Configuration has been executed, take screen shots of the Windows Deployment Services Configuration Wizard.
•When the Windows Server 2012 R2 image is added to WDS, take a screenshot of the Boot & Install Images node (such as ImageGroup1) showing the install images that have been added.

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