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This is an INDIVIDUAL, WRITTEN assessment. You are required to design an A2-sized poster to demonstrate your visualisation, summarising, prioritising and synthesising skills (these are all key skills in Design Thinking!). An effective poster is a communication tool that utilises structure, graphics and text to clearly convey complex messages, while being visually appealing and engaging; text, albeit important, is used sparingly. It is the responsibility of the poster's designer to ensure that the poster is self-explanatory and does not require extensive interpretation from the audience. In order to complete this assessment, you are required to design a poster, which clearly addresses the following question: What is Empathy and why is it so important for Design Thinking? To be successful in this assessment, you are required to research academic/scholarly (published in peer-reviewed journals) literature and make use of effective and suitable visualisation techniques in order to design a carefully constructed and logical poster, which clearly displays your answer to the above question.

More specifically, your poster should:

clearly address the question;
be logically structured and aesthetically pleasing;
refer to correct material you have read in the literature (you should include a MINIMUM of 3 scholarly references -
in-text references and a reference list in APA style must be included on the poster; please see Moodle for some
examples of how this can be achieved in a visually pleasing manner); present a clear and concise message (in title and other content);
contain sufficient detail that a layperson (without specific background in Design Thinking) can
understand what
you are trying to say;
use relevant visualisation techniques* to visually display the message and content of your poster; and
use text sparingly (a MAXIMUM of 300 words, excluding reference list, is permitted).

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