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ICTSAD503 | Develop a Risk Management Plan | Assessment Task 2

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The board has asked for a comprehensive risk management plan to be prepared for the company as the basis for developing business strategies. Prepare a detailed risk management plan for the company including risk analysis, audit and monitoring procedures. The plan should follow recognised content and structure standards for risk management plans.

You plan must include;
Executive Summary
Objectives of the Plan
Situation Analysis (Background and reasoning)
Risk Analysis
Risk Assessment
Risk Management Strategies and Actions
Contingency and recovery plan
Resource Requirements
Copyright or intellectual property issues
Monitoring and Controls

There is no word limit for the plan but it is expected that the plan is no longer than ten single sided A4 pages.

Parts of this unit also require you to demonstrate your technical skills. Demonstration of these skills will be best achieved with participation in in-class activities, and consideration of technical assessment tasks in other units of competency.

As part of the in-class activities, demonstrate to your trainer that you are able to;
â–ª Interpret organisational documents (e.g. Need Analysis, Security Policy etc.)
â–ª Identify and administer simple network tasks (transfer of files, software installation, back up etc.)
â–ª Understand the concept of financial risks and use of cost-benefit analysis
â–ª Communicate with your group members and discuss your ideas and plans in the class room or group environment

These skills will be assessed through observation by your trainer/assessor over the duration of this unit. Work completed in other units within the course may also be taken into consideration.

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