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Report: E-commerce Implementation    70 marks
Report Structure and Presentation  (LO-5)    5 marks

Your report should include a title page, Table of Contents (including List of Tables and List of Figures if applicable) and Appendices.

Note: Make sure to state your name and student number in the report on the title page. State the word count of the report (Introduction to Conclusions & Recommendations)

Report Letter of Transmittal, Executive Summary and Introduction (LO-5)    5 marks  (Introduction – approx. 250 words)

Your report should include a letter of transmittal, executive summary, and introduction to the report.

Note: Make sure to use the same name for your e-commerce website as reported in Assignment 1.

Report Section 1 – Implementation Plan (750 words) (LO-1)    10 marks

The systems development life cycle (SDLC) is a methodology to understand the business objectives of an information systems and to design an appropriate information systems. Using the SDLC methodology, construct an implementation plan for the e-commerce presence for your online business.

The SDLC for an e-commerce site involves five major steps:
i.Systems analysis, design,
iii.building the system,
iv.testing the system and
v.continuing maintenance of the system.

As a planning report, please list how these steps will be performed for your e-commerce website with reference to the e-commerce strategy adopted in Assignment 1.

Report Section 2 – Mobile Web Presence (750 words) (LO-2)    10 marks

Lately the use of smartphones has disrupted the personal computing and e-commerce landscape. As mobile platforms become more widely adopted, they are becoming more useful for accessing websites.

In order to design a mobile web presence, what factors of the mobile platform must be considered by your online business? Discuss at least five factors on the basis of your given online business category and developed e-commerce prototype website.

Report Section 3 – E-commerce Security Environment (750 words) (LO-2)    10 marks

The e-commerce environment holds threats for both consumers and business owners, such as malicious code, phishing and identity theft, hacking, cyber vandalism and data breaches.

How can your online business achieve improvements to its overall e-commerce security environment?

Report Section 4 – Challenges in Online retail business (750 words) (LO-1)    10 marks

Although online retailing has many opportunities, there are some unique challenges that online retailers face. Considering your online business category, explain at least four operational challenges that you may face, compared to offline business operations in New Zealand business environment. Provide appropriate Justification with practical examples how each challenge is applicable to your online business category.

Report: Conclusions and Recommendations to the Business    5 marks (approx. 250 words) (LO-4)   

Your report should include separate conclusions and recommendations sections.

 Conclusions provide a summary of your key findings from the body of the report.
 Recommendations provide a summary of the recommendations to your online business based on the implementation study conducted in the report.

Report: Referencing and Appropriateness of Sources (LO-5)    5 marks   

References are required and the Harvard AGPS standard of referencing must be used. You can get the help for this referencing style from below sources-

 UUNZ TPS Class Activities.
 Book: Summers, J & Smith, B 2014, Communication skills handbook: how to succeed in written and oral communication, 4th edn, John Wiley & Sons, Australia.

Ensure that your reports are fully referenced, including any reference to the text book. Your report should include in-text references and a List of References. Do not repeat verbatim large slabs of information from other sources such as the text – you must put the ideas/information in your own words. You must use at least ten (10) academically sound sources other than the textbook in completing this report.

PowerPoint Presentation to Client (10 - 15 slides) - (LO-4)    10 marks

Your client’s company CIO has requested you to provide a professionally developed business presentation outlining this e-commerce project background, scope and opportunities; your company’s capabilities and skills; developed prototype website’s features, functionalities and implementation issue, key findings and recommendations. Create a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (using PowerPoint 2010 to current).

Make sure you have developed a professional business presentation to communicate your assignment 2 digital enterprise concepts and strategies and final Prototype Website to both for your client’s technical and non-technical audiences so that it conforms to the course presentation resources.

The professional business presentations set of slides should be structured as follows:
 Title of the presentation – outlining the full Business Name, Project Description, Student Name and Student ID
 List of Topics / Contents / Agenda
 Presentation Contents – the following are the topics the presentation must answer:  Outline the e-commerce project background, scope and opportunities

your company’s capabilities and skills
Key design and layout of the developed prototype website
Features and functionality of your developed website
Any deviation from the initial plan and future improvement opportunities
List and/or discuss the Key Findings and Recommendations from the Report

Each slide must include detailed speaker notes provided in the notes section of the slide – the detailed speaker notes must provide a full answer to each of the following questions and be written so that another person could present this presentation on your behalf to the client within a 10 minutes session.

Development: Prototype Website (LO-3)    6*5 marks each = 30 marks   

Ensure you setup your Joomla! website and complete the activities as listed in the checklist document. Your Joomla! Website URL should be accessible for the marker to assess the activities undertaken as per the checklist document.

1. Product and/ or Service Catalogue    (5 marks)
2. Shopping Cart and Enquiry Form    (5 marks)
3. Account Registration & Login    (5 marks)
4. Checkout/ Order Processing & Payment    (5 marks)
5. Discussion Forums and Blog    (5 marks)
6. Overall Website Presentation (including Appendix – 1 filled checklist) &   
7. Additional Functionality Enhancements    (5 marks)

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