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Task I (PC- 1.4. TT, LT, 2.3, T.4 a, s)
Kangaroo Restaurant Is In the process of preparing its expense budget for the coming year. It has decided to use the current years actual results as a base. These actual results, for the quarter-January to March, taken from the revenue statements were:

Task 2: (K.3.1, 3.2, 3.3 6.341
You are presented with the following profit and loss report for Kangaroo RestaurInt for the year ended so June SoXs

The proportion of fixed costs for the cost elements in the statemem are:
Operating expenses: 25% fixed; 75t variable Cost of goods sold: go% fixed; 6o % variabte
1. Supply an improved format for the report creator to insert the actual amounts of the fixed and variable cost portions of the relevant items, so that you can see them at a glance
2. What further modifications to the report format would you suggest if you also wish to see at a glance contribution margin In both money and percentage terms?
3. Nov would you inform your colleagues about final budget deCISiOnS, Show how the two formats would look with the appropriate figures inserted

Task 3:
Based on the following information. prepare a cash flow report for the period kaeing up to. and rrnmedutely alter. the event.

Task 4: (PC- 4.1. 4.3.44&4.5)
Look at the Statement of Performance for Zoomer's Auto Shop. Analyse and review the financial performance report of the business and summonse it in a short report. Make sure considering all important points in to budget. Identify any significate vanations and Suggest adjustments as accordance with any important erten:nal environment changes. Recommend any Important changes for future budget preparation.

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