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1. Professional email

• Present your email in a Word document that contains the following parts:

• Email address/to

• Subject line: Your name, MNG03236 Application

• Body

• Signature.

• Each part of your email should be grammatically correct and have no spelling errors or inappropriate abbreviations. It should contain a brief message explaining the purpose of the email and List the attached documents ( r cover letter and CV and a response to the selection criteria).

• Your 'signature' field must contain your name and contact details. Ensure these are professionally presented and clearly shown. This will allow a potential employer to quickly contact you if they have difficulties opening the attachments.

• Note: Although you will be uploading the text of your email as a Word document you should address the email to the person and organization that you are applying for a position witl1and include.

2. Application letter and CV

   Application letter

• 'This should be an application letter written in response to an advertised position. You should choose a position which will be similar to one that you wish to gain for your future internship or graduate position.

• The letter should be a maximum of one (1) page. typed. single-spaced, A4.

• The letter should follow the correct five-paragraph, business letter format as per the template available in the Unit Content section of the MySCU/Blackboard site.

• insert a section break (not page break) at the bottom of your cover letter to ensure that your layout stays as it should when transferred across different computers. This will also assist you in setting up footers on your resume.

• Do not use a footer or page number at the bottom of your letter.

• Your application letter always comes before your resume. 

  Resume/Curriculum   Vitae  (CV)

• A resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is the standard and accepted way of setting out in an ordered and factual format, the key aspects of your professional background or working history.

• This should be part of the same Word document as your application letter and start on the page directly after your application letter.

• You must include a footer with your name and page number on pages two and three of your CV (i.e. not on the first page).

• You must include page breaks at the end of each page to preserve formatting and page layouts.

• Your CV content should be appropriate for the type of position you are targeting.

• It must include personal contact details, previous education, work history, skills, achievements, and contact details for three referees.

• Your CV should be no more than three (3) pages, typed, single-spaced.

• See guidelines for the format contained in CV guides and templates in the Unit Content.

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