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Assignment 1

a) You are required to work as part of a team to produce a report based on the following topic:

â—¦ The Course Convenor will assign to your team name details of a prominent engineering leader, either past or present, who has demonstrated their leadership prominence in an engineering or technical environment;
â—¦ Your Team will have to elaborate on the leader’s background and the leadership performance during a particular period where the leader gained greatest prominence; and
â—¦ Your Team will have to analyse and evaluate the performance in terms of selected criteria from the theory learned in the course, and how the leadership and management was demonstrated in terms of strengths, weaknesses, results achieved and the lessons that can be learned.

b) Assignment 1 is also a practical demonstration in the application of theories relating to team dynamics such as leadership, followership and team building. Teams that apply these theories best will be higher performing and scored higher.

a) The Assignment must be word processed with Arial 10 pt font size using 1.5 spacing and a margin of 2.5 cm on each side. Reports without the Assessment Cover Page will not be accepted.
b) Pages must include numbers, paragraph numbers and headings, figure and table titles and numbers, and annotated annexes/appendices;
c) Referencing is to be based on The Harvard Referencing System (refer to Griffith Library Tool:;
d) Team Leaders are obliged to submit an electronic version of their team report to the Course Assessment Submission Site. The submitted electronic file will be tested by the Plagiarism Detection and Prevention Software used by the University. Note that the portal allocated for submission will close after the 8:00 am on the due date.
e) Failure to reference work by others is plagiarism which Griffith University regards as unprofessional conduct and will impact assignment assessment.

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