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You are to critically analysis the sustainable engineering management practices of a town, city, or local government authority of your choice. You can chose your home town, city in your home country. Alternatively, you are to analyse the City of Gold Coast Australia.

You will need to present the critical analysis, explain how you conducted the analysis, and give clear and appropriate direction based in evidence on how as an engineering, infrastructure, or asset manager you can improve the engineering management practices for a proactive sustainable future of the town and/or city that you have selected. You are to provide a 4 to 5 minute audio presentation that is imbedded in the Power Point slide explaining your poster and its key points.

Template information

Please see template for major headings that you need to address however, please feel free to augment or restyle it as you feel appropriate to suit your presentation style.  For example you can insert appropriate photos, graphs, and charts and rename the titles. Remember this is a poster template size (AO size paper) so you will need to increase the size of the template to insert the information moreover. Please ensure that you keep the proportions with text and photos sizes correct.

General Guiding information for the Assessments:

Review as much material as possible from websites, articles, academic literature, and even visiting, phoning or emailing the authority to extract information.   If you are contacting the authority please explain in your correspondence/chat that you are completing a university assignment at SCU and you would appreciate advice

Start writing early

Look on the internet on how to do a presentation.
HINT look at the 3 minute thesis presentations to get an idea on how you can present your information.
Please ensure that you go and visit the library to give you some assistance and how to search for academic journals
As discussed in class for you must read widely and deeply
Focus on the current academic literature i.e. 2013 to 2018
Remember to think about sustainability in engineering when looking for sources and potential impact on environmental, social and economic factors.
Please use your imagination by providing graphs, tables, charts, and so on
References table’s charts, appendices are not included in the word count
Reference list is to be placed on the back of the poster only.
Please review the associated marking guide so that you can meet all the requirements.
Please ensure that your document is written legibly so that it will be acceptable in an academic and industry context.
Please note that failure to meet the minimum appropriate academic references will automatically result in a maximum mark of 40% for the complete assignment as you have not based your literature review in evidence based research.
Refer to the links that have put up on blackboard to assist you. For example the library libguids, how to do a poster presentation, how to search for academic journals, and so on.

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