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Write a comparison/contrast essay of approximately 1200-1500 words on one of the following topics.
1. Compare how two of our four novels (Eight Cousins, Anne of Green Gables, The Wanderer, Bridge to Terabithia) portray the domestic / the concept of home.
2. Compare two novels in terms of community, either comparing specific communities in the novels or two characters’ relationships with their respective communities.
3. Compare two of our protagonists’ relationships with the natural environment.
4. Compare two of our novels in terms of gender, i.e. their portrayal masculinity or femininity, their commentary on gender stereotypes, etc..
5. Compare two of the novels in terms of the role imagination plays within the stories.
6. Compare two characters in terms of the role imagination plays in their personal journeys.
7. Compare two of our protagonists’ maturation over the course of their respective novels.
8. Compare two characters from two separate novels in terms of their development of empathy.

*You may create your own or modify one of the above topics if you wish, but you must have your topic approved by me prior to the due date.

Your essay should:

• Have a Scholarly two-part title
• An introduction, in which you: introduce the short story/novel in question, the nature of your argument, and state your thesis
• A clear thesis statement that is appropriate for a comparison/contrast essay

Here is a potential template to use for your thesis:
Comparing these two novels in terms of (point of comparison) yields reveals/ suggests/illustrates that (rest of thesis-- which must express an argument).
• Body Paragraphs in which you examine one element of the text in relation to your chosen theme and provide textual evidence that supports your ideas
• Topic sentences for each body paragraph indicating the main point of the paragraph as well as its connection to the thesis. Note: These points should be literary claims
• Supporting Quotations accompanied by correctly formatted MLA-style in-text citations
• A Conclusion in which you summarize your ideas

You must include a separate Works Cited page listing the texts examined in your essay. You must also include your Word Count at the end of the Works Cited.

Example Works Cited Entry:
Your essay will be graded on the following guidelines:

• Inclusion of the above elements
• Clear articulation of literary claims
• Use of specific textual evidence
• Quality of literary analysis
• Use of proper essay structure
• Proper citation (both in-text and Works Cited entry)
• Grammatical correctness/polished writing
• Proper MLA-style formatting

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