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You must ensure you perform the following actions:

1. Establish, demonstrate your process to implement, maintain and evaluate a work health and safety (WHS) management system for a work area of an organisation in accordance with WHS legislation including policies, procedures and record keeping
a. You will need to provide evidence of your completion of this activity by proving items such as:
i. Procedures developed for the system
ii. Implementation plans developed
iii. Actions performed for maintenance of the system
iv. Evaluation methods used to monitor and evaluate the system

2. Ensure organisational WHS compliance. Provide evidence of how you ensured compliance in the workplace.

3. Establish, implement, maintain and evaluate effective and compliant participation arrangements for managing WHS including identifying duty holders, identifying and approving the required resources and developing and implementing a training program. Provide evidence of:
a. The implementation plan
b. The monitoring methods used to ensure participation
c. List of duty holders and their related tasks and responsibilities
d. List of methods used to identify resources required
e. Methods used to gain approval for additional resources
f. Provide a training program for the workplace

4. Establish, implement, maintain and evaluate procedures for effectively identifying hazards, and assessing and controlling risks using the hierarchy of risk control
a. Provide a developed hazard identification form
b. Provide the implementation plan that you developed
c. Provide evidence of monitoring and evaluation activities
d. Discuss the identified hazards and the associated risk assessment and control measures

5. Provide information and the complete documentation for a WHS management system
6. Identify requirements for and request expert WHS advice. Discuss the expert advice used in the development of the system.
7. Identify and detail the WHS/OHS Acts, regulations and codes of practice related to your industry.
a. Include your reporting requirements with this information
b. Specify the relevant OHS/WHS organisational policies, procedures, programs and practices that relate to your role

In order to complete this activity, you will need access to the following resources:
• Organisational WHS policies and procedures
• WHS legislation, regulations and codes of practice
• Case studies and, where possible, real situations
• Interaction with others

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