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IFN663 | Enterprise Architecture Assignment Part A | Management

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For details of the assignment tasks, please read the following and also refer to the Assignment Coversheet part of the document (above), in the section covering “Tasks & Marks”.

(i) Develop a multi-level business capability and related value stream based on the “Assignment Brief” above. This will involve developing the Service Delivery Management and Customer Management Capabilities. A background on the Service Delivery Management and Customer Management is provided in sections (2 and 3).

The overall, a core part of a business capability map is provided to students below. The Service Delivery Management and Customer Management capabilities, needed to be detailed by students, are highlighted.

L0: Social welfare support L1:
L1 1. Policy Management, which include analysis or new policy that has been released in relation to payments and services to be delivered by the department
L1 2. Service Management, which includes service analysis (using new or updated policies and analysis ‘service delivery big data’ captured through service delivery systems); service design; and service implementation.
L1 3. Service Delivery Management – missing details
L1 4. Customer Management – missing details
L1 5. Channel Management
L1 6. Product Management, which includes Procurements Management and Fulfilments Management
L1 7. Sales & Marketing Management
L1 8 Partner (or Vendor) Management, which includes Supplier Management (e.g. for office equipment); Delivery Partner Management (for assistance in service delivery); Supplementary Service Provider Management (e.g. for engagement of property services such as cleaning)
L1 9. Human Resources Management (i.e. management of staff)
L1 10. Financial Management which includes accounting
L1 11. Product management which includes procurements and fulfilments
L1 12. IT Management
L1 13. Business Transformation Delivery, i.e. delivered through business transformation projects for new initiatives of service delivery

The missing capabilities will need a graphical business capability model and textual descriptions describing each capability which is part of this capability.

All assumptions made will be required to be briefly described.

(ii) Develop an Archimate model representing the enterprise architecture for the Service Delivery Management capability and value stream from (i).
The Archimate model will need the business and IT application layers only. The IT infrastructure layer (i.e. hardware and middleware platforms) is NOT required.

The model should be briefly described in terms of a scenario-style explanation.

The Archimate model should capture key aspects of the business and IT service delivery systems: all key business roles and the business actors that correspond to them, business services, business channels, business collaborations between roles, business processes, software application services, software applications and software application components. Any key business information used in the business processes should also be modelled.

All relationships between modelled elements should be provided. A key highlight of the model should be the alignment between modelling element in business and IT layers, so that it is clear which parts of the business use specific IT applications.

All assumptions made will be required to be briefly described.

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