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CSM80002 | Environmental Sustainability in Construction | Construction

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1. Describe the Environmental, Social and Economic Benefits of a green building. (4 marks)

2. You have been requested to choose one from the two construction sites using your student ID to construct a 14 story office building 

I. Briefly describe the condition of your allocated site and land type. (2 marks)

II. Describe the steps you would undertake to minimize the impacts of construction on the site and the surrounding environment during the construction. (3 marks)

III. Describe the sustainable landscaping approaches that you will implement in the constructed site to minimize its impact on the environment. (6 marks)

IV. Assess the sustainability status of the constructed site after implementing your sustainable landscaping approaches using appropriate Green Star assessment criteria that apply for sustainable site and landscape (i.e. Ecological value, Stormwater, Heat Island Effect, etc.). You need to briefly describe how you have achieved relevant points against those criteria. (5 marks)

Site 1: This is a chemical processing plant located at 115 Civic Parade, Altona VIC 3018 which stopped operation in March 2012. The existing site condition is shown in Figure 2. The land is contaminated with various hazardous chemicals.

Site 2: This is a 2 story Government office building at 55 King St, Melbourne which is not in use since early 2018. 

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