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Choose ONE of the two Background Scenarios below and using ONLY THE TEMPLATE PROVIDED AS A DOWNLOAD, write a 1,500 word Evidence-Based Brief to answer the question posed.  Do not change the template in any way.  Your work must contain relevant and contemporary evidence to support your arguments and citation and references should conform to APA6 requirements.


Health workforce shortages in Australia remain despite some essential workforce initiatives in recent years.  The Federal Department of Health and Community Services has signalled that as Australia's population ages rapidly and more suffer chronic ailments, it will require more healthcare workers.  This is in response to an AIHW Report - Australia's Health and the Director General requires a briefing document.  The publication referred can be found at
Choose one health care discipline (e.g. medical, nursing, dental or allied health provide an evidence-based essay detailing the issues and possible strategies to address these shortages from ONE of these disciplines.  You must concentrate a large part of your essays on the identified issues and strategies that could be deployed to attract the healthcare discipline you have chosen.                                                               

Job satisfaction for nurses is linked to various concerns relating to the quality and safety of patient care and health system outcomes as well as to general life satisfaction and job performance.  Job satisfaction is also discussed in the literature particularly about issues such as high turnover of nursing staff, potential loss of productivity resulting from turnover and movement away from the nursing entirely.   Low job satisfaction is also linked to the high turnover of nurses with resultant loss of productivity and reduced quality of patient care.  Your Briefing Document to the Minister of Health should address issues and strategies that have been shown to be successful in addressing them to increase the job satisfaction of nurses.

1. You must use the template provided WITHOUT ALTERATION in order to complete this assessment item.  Marks will be lost in the "Communication" criterion (see Marking Criteria below) if the template is not used as per the instructions or if it is altered in any way.
2. Choose one (1) of the two (2) Background Scenarios listed below
3. Analyse, Research and Write the Issue Brief (1500 words maximum) as per the instructions in the Background Scenario you have chosen to do
4. This is an 'Authentic Assessment' - Word limits are strictly enforced and marking will stop once the word limit has been reached.  In the work environment, non-complying briefs are returned to the author to be made compliant with style guide requirements including word limits in this assessment anything written after the word limit has been reached will not attract any marks.  This makes the synthesis of evidence key.
5. Remember, Briefing Notes such as this are by necessity short and accurate.  They are often used to form 'talking points' for politicians and executives who are attending meetings or for comments to the media.
6. You may not use ANY appendices.
7. Upload to the Draft Portal to check similarity and make any changes necessary when the Similarity Report is returned to you
8. Upload the final document into the Final Portal

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