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Should provide a clear and adequate description of the identified nursing practice that could be improved through EBP.

What is EBP,why it is important in the nursing field, describe SOME issues I have identified that I believe it could be improved through EBP.
Outline what is to be discussed in the content of this assignment (Nurses how to communicate with patients of all generations) (Introduction only 150 words)

For this assignment I prefer as a nurse in my experience i believe the issue could be improved NURSES HOW TO COMMUNICATE WITH PATIENTS OF ALL GENERATIONS (for example way of taking,Expressions,Respect,Sympathy,Request ,Ask permission when will give medicine or some procedures give detailed explanation etc).

(A comprehensive explanation and description of the steps of the EBP Process .. All elements of EBP were explained extensively and in detail.

ASK (ask clinical question use PICOT FORMAT) Make here one clinical question related to my issue (Nurses how to communicate with patients of all generations)

Acquire ( Acquire the evidence finding evidence based resources that answer the question) Explain and describe how you search for the highest level of evidence that is relevant to the your idea with evidence/references

Appraise (Critically appraising that evidence /articles you have selected) Identify and explain the reliability,validity and applicability of the papers you have selected.briefly explain the tools that could be used to accomplish this task

Apply( apply the evidence)Discuss the important the synthesis of the 3 components of EBP but emphasize on the patient /family values and preferences..can it be used to make a practice change?? Support idea with evidence references

Audit 9Re-evaluate the evidence)Once a clinical decision has been made implemented ,you need to evaluate ..Explain the importance of evaluation after….Evidence from the literature/references the effectiveness of the intervention(USE FUTURE TENSE)

Dissemination ( In this can briefly explain /describe how you could disseminate the knowledge

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