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Tulis argues two constitutional presidencies exists, the formal one which is enshrined in Article II of the U.S. Constitution, and the other influenced by Woodrow Wilson’s theories on the presidencies and his arguments that the Framer’s vision of the government (particularly the executive) are no longer sufficient to lead a changing country in the direction of progress. Though admitting the Constitution is/was not a perfect document, the Framer’s believed the system they created would be enduring and that mechanism in the document would help the republic adapt to change.  In a three to four double spaced, typed essay, discuss whose perspective on the Constitution you think is correct and why?  In your response, be sure to address and refute the concerns of the opposing side.  Moreover, in recalling Landy and Milkis, how might a President’s view of the Constitution (meaning, either the Framers or the Wilsonian perspective) impact how they deal with crises?  Lastly, recalling Quirk’s chapter on presidential competency, how might a President’s level of competence influence how they view the Constitution and the executive branch?  For this latter point, are there any consequences at risk depending on the President’s level of competency?  How competent does a President need to be in order to effectively govern?  How might you use examples of past presidents or the current administration to justify your response?

Again, your paper should be between three to four double spaced pages only. Yes, I gave you one more page then I stated in class, but I will not read/grade beyond the fourth page of the text. Please be sure to demonstrate a clear command of concepts.  Define terms when necessary, etc.  Please type the essay in 12-point font, using Times New Roman, and 1” margins all around.  You need to cite inside the text and have the longer citation a separate reference page.  I will accept APSA, APA, MLA, or Chicago Style citation.  Use the most up-to-date version of whichever style you choose from these four options and apply it consistently.  There are many sources online but be careful while vetting them.  When you use citation generators, I can tell and they are not always right.  The CSUB library can also be a source of help—you just need to take some time to familiarize yourself with these citation styles.  The reference page does not count towards the 3 to 4 pages of text.  You must incorporate specific, accurate examples from the class lecture and the text.  Again, when incorporating current examples to justify your responses, you must provide citations for those.  When paraphrasing information from a source, you also need to cite.  It is fine to use some direct quotes, but do not hind behind them in your essay and do not have them take up too much space, etc.  Please note that I am assessing you on the course material and your ability to apply it to the elements of the prompt.  Please proof-read your response for both grammar and punctuation before submitting it.  Please type your answer in essay form (provide a clear introduction with an identifiable thesis, multiple body paragraphs breaking down elements of the thesis and the prompt, and a well-developed conclusion addressing final thoughts, connections, and implications).  Paragraphs are indented five spaces only. Remember not to stove-pipe information but to synthesize the material and make connections as the prompt specifies.

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