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One important component of the assignments for INF80043 is the Executive Briefing Paper. An Executive Briefing Paper is a highly customised work (in this case, written work) to present key topics/considerations/concepts of strategic importance to key decision makers within the organisation.

In the context of this unit, think of an Executive Briefing Paper as a persuasive writing. The paper ought to provide coherent and convincing narrative on particular topic (supported with evidence, facts, etc.) with an intent to catch the attention of, and persuade, the Senior Executive team (or Board of Directors) to incorporate the topic in their strategic decision making deliberations. This topic could range from a new disruptive technology, to the impact of certain trends, or any other topics that may have impact to the organisation’s future.
Your target audience for this Executive Briefing is the Senior Executive Team of Banksia (refer to the IS/IT Risk Management Project Case Study)

This assignment were designed and aimed to showcase your:

Persuasive writing in a concise and systematic manner Critical thinking and analytical ability/skill

Understanding on key aspects of IS/IT Risk Management

Research and scholarly skill (i.e., in-text referencing/referencing skill, ability to identify and use good quality literature)

Written communication skill and the understanding of target audience

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