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Scenario / background information:

You are the Human Resource Manager at a large private medical service / health care provider in New Zealand. You have identified a specific need / issue which calls for staff training. You are now required to submit a written proposal to top management to explain the identified training need / issue and request funding to implement a training program.

The scenario can be created by yourself with any additional information that supports your proposal, examples may include : upgrading of technology or introduction of new equiptment, an increase in new staff requiring orientation, mergers with other companies, changes to policies or practices due to economical or political influences such as law changes, epidemics. Increase of additional services requiring all staff to upgrade skills or knowledge or even an accident or incident that requires change in some way.

You decide what it is your organisation is going through and what training needs may be required because of this.

Please follow the Marking Schedule attached here to complete this proposal. Use the categories as chronological headings and sub-headings or guidelines to present your proposal.

Please note: This proposal will form the base of Assessment 3 in this module. Identify a current / existing training need which may also be universal across other organisations in the Health Services / Health Care industry in New Zealand. The training need / issue may have or cause several related effects resulting in a negative customer experience of the service.

This module enables a demonstration of knowledge and understanding to formulate and design a training course based on an analysed training need (issue) identification.

Following this in Assessment 3, you will be required to design a complete training program aimed at generating solutions for this training need / issue or opportunity identified in this assessment.

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