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Project A:

Office Relocation

Project details:

The Chief Executive has tasked you with writing a project management report on the relocation of 250 staff from an existing call centre in Metropolis City Centre to a new business park on its periphery. There are a number of potential buildings available to choose from, but each one will require some refurbishment to fit the requirements of your business (creating appropriate office space for 5 senior executives, 3 separate teams (finance and payroll (10 staff members), human resources (5 staff members) and call centre operations (230 staff members) along with IT infrastructure).  You are responsible for choosing the building, refurbishment, and transfer of staff and equipment to the new site.   You have 3 months from the start to finish of the project and a budget of £50,000.

Initial Reading:

Lam, E.W.M.; Chan, A.P.C.; Chan. D.W.M. (2008) Determinants of successful design-build projects. Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 134 (5), 333-341.

Project B:

Local Arts Festival

Project details:

The Chief Executive of Metropolis City Council wishes to develop a series of arts events promoting environmental sustainability, to be held across the City next summer. You must develop a project plan for the  Culture and Leisure Committee which sets out how your team intends to manage the festival. The team will be responsible for identifying a theme for the festival; planning appropriate events; managing relationships with stakeholders; managing health and safety; ensuring licenses are in place and developing media and publicity for events. The goal is to ensure events are delivered on time, on budget and at an appropriate standard. The arts festival must run between May and September next year. Your initial budget is £50,000.

Initial Reading:

Laing, J.; Frost, W. (2010) How green was my festival: Exploring challenges and opportunities associated with staging green events.   International Journal of Hospitality Management,   29 (2), 261-267.

Project C:

New Product Development

Project details:

You are project manager involved with research, development, manufacturing and marketing of new canned products for a major food manufacturer. The Chief Executive has asked you to prepare a project plan to support the development of a new range of premium soups. You must develop a project plan to be presented to the Senior Management Team, which sets out the research, development and production of the product. You will be expected to liaise with marketing throughout the research and design process. The company expects to launch the product in time for next winter. The initial budget has been set at £2.5 million. Your proposal must show how you will ensure the product is delivered on time, on budget and at an appropriate quality.  

Initial Reading:

Schmidt, J. B., Sarangee, K. R. and Montoya, M. M. (2009), Exploring New Product Development Project Review Practices. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 26, 520–535.

Project D:

Engineering Management

Project details:

You are a project manager and your company has successfully bid to install a wind turbine for a community energy scheme.

The installation must take place between April and September next year. Your job is to manage the wind turbine installation project and plan the purchasing, logistics, installation, connection and commissioning of the turbine on behalf of the local community. You must ensure that the project is completed within the agreed price and on time before the winter weather makes concrete foundation construction difficult. You are expected to produce a project plan for presentation to the steering community from the community which shows how your company will complete the installation on time and to budget as well as highlighting any relevant risks and their impact on overall project payback. The budget for the installation is £600K.

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