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MBA403 | Financial and Economic Interpretation and Communication Assessment 1 | Management

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Assessment Description

Financial analysis is often done under time pressure by a group of analysts. This activity simulates this type of environment. The assignment is set up differently for face-to-face and online students. Please see below description for each group:

Face to Face Students

Students will form groups of 4-5 (before Week 5) and complete a case study in Week 5

based on real company data under time pressure.


• The group case study will be based on Week 1-3 content and will take place in Week 5

• Students can bring any materials into the class

• Students will not see the case study before the class

• The case study will consist of Parts A and B:

• Part A will be done first, students will hand it in and then be given feedback and suggested answers. They will then do Part B.

• The case study will be based on a real-world company and students will be provided with its annual report and financial statements

• Students CANNOT use this same company to do their Wealth Report (Assessment 3)

• There will be some questions on non-financial metrics, but the focus will be on financial interpretation.

• Students will be asked to present on their answers at the end of the class in Week 5


• This activity will take place in Week 5 at the beginning of class

• Students will choose their groups of 4-5 before class and do the activity in these groups

• Students will be given Part A of the case study and given 60 minutes (no reading time) to complete it in their group and write answers in an answer booklet.

• Students are free to ask questions and clarify issues here. (They cannot change the answers they submitted)

• Students will then be given Part B of the Case Study and be given 40 minutes to complete it in groups and write answers on a collective sheet of paper which they hand to the lecturer at the end of the time.

• Each group will be allocated a question from either Part A or B, the answer to which they will present to the whole class. Students will be given 10 minutes to prepare their response to the class.

• Each group will present the answer to their part of the question.

• The presentation by each group should take no more than 4 minutes.

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