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MIS770 | Foundation Skills in Data Analysis Assignment 1 | Data Analysis

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Part A: Develop Evaluation Criteria

Your evaluation criteria need to be objective, in that they stipulate the rules you would use in establishing whether a Chart, Table or Graph utilised in your selected Report, is appropriate for the data being presented. You need to make sure that each of your criterion is written in such a manner that a reasonable person can readily understand, or appreciate, the message being conveyed. You are expected to address approximately 20 criteria.

Note: Do not simply “copy” criteria from textbooks etc. This would result in zero marks. You need to create your own criteria.

You should also group your criteria by visualisation type. For example, you might choose “Common”, “Chart”, “Table” and “Graph”, or some other suitable grouping. You are not restricted to these specific headings. It’s also important that you number each separate criterion as you will need to refer to its specific number when completing Part B.

An example of an appropriate criterion:

Line Charts should be used when analysing trends over time. To be effective, the time series should be placed on the x”axis with the measure on the y”axis.

An example of an unacceptable criterion:

Line Charts should have nice colours.

This example fails on two counts. It has an inadequate description (or explanation) and, it is subjective (i.e. the authors opinion).

Part B: Report Evaluation

Select 10 to 12 diverse Charts, Tables or Graphs from your chosen Report (but not including any “Infographics”) and evaluate these visualisations using the criterion you have developed in Part A. It would not be unusual for an individual visualisation from your report to refer to multiple criteria. Further, any given visualisation you select may conform to some of your criterion but be in contravention of others, and this would need to be reported.

It is expected that each of your criterion would be used at least once when evaluating your chosen Charts, Tables or Graphs.

Note: In your submission, include an image of the Charts, Tables and Graphs that you have selected and make sure to associate them back to the specific criterion by using the criterion number you have presented in Part A.


1. The following word counts should be used as a guide for this assessment.

Criteria:    Qty 20 with 20 to 30 words in each (i.e. 400 to 600 words)
Evaluation: Qty 10 with 100 to 120 words in each (i.e. 1000 to 1200 words), or Qty 15 with 100 to 120 words in each (i.e. 1500 to 1800 words)

Therefore, using the above guidelines, your assignment should be no less than 1600 words and no more than 2400 words (i.e. 2000 words plus or minus 20%)

2. For this assignment, we are only interested in the Charts, Tables and Graphs contained in your selected published report. Again, do not include any items commonly known as “Infographics”.

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