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1. While writing a laboratory report, Peter discovered that another class member, Sarah, had completed the same task last year. Sarah gave Peter a copy of her answer but warned him not to copy it. However, Peter did copy and paste sections of Sarah's answer into his report without acknowledgement. Is this plagiarism?
2 For an individual subject assignment, Emily and Kate decide to collaborate. Whilst Kate compiles research notes, Emily identifies the main findings but each writes her own assignment. This is
3 A student has failed the first two assignments in a subject. Frustrated, he buys an assignment from a student in another class and submits it. Is this a plagiarism?
4 Andrea had difficulty finding relevant material for an essay she was asked to write, so she purchased an essay online and integrated material from the purchased essay into her answer without acknowledgement. Is this plagiarism?
5 Lecturers check student papers for plagiarism by
6 Which of the following is plagiarism?
7 Lecturers have a responsibility to report a student whom they suspect has plagiarized.
8  William read in a book that the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was shot dead by Gavrilo Princip on 28 June 1914. William included this information in his essay without acknowledgement. Is this plagiarism?
9 Do all of the following information sources require acknowledgement? Web pages, documents on a web site, statistics, figures, charts, graphs, and computer code?
10 To work appropriately with quotations involves providing in-text citations and quotation marks, following discipline (and publication) conventions such as the length and format of quotations, and selecting only specific and relevant parts of source material.
11  It is important to include a reference list (known as a bibliography in some styles) because:
12 Your relative or friend helps you with your assignment. Your relative/friend wrote part of your assignment to make it more appealing and concrete. Is this a plagiarism?
13. You locate an assignment that your friend completed last session. You use some contents from your friend’s assignment for your new assignment. Is this plagiarism?
14. The fundamental components of an author/date referencing style (such as APA) include:
15 Correct referencing is important because it shows that you can distinguish between your personal understanding and interpretations, and the interpretations and arguments of other authors.
16. If you paraphrase from an information source by changing the original words to put them into your own words
17. Using phrases from a study guide without quotation marks, or copying a photo from the Internet without a citation, could both be considered unethical behaviour in an academic environment.
18. You are less likely to plagiarize if you
19. I had my assignment translated into English from a non-English Internet source and handed in with my name. Is this plagiarism?
20 Institutional penalties for plagiarism become increasingly serious depending on the extent to which a student attempts to deceive. However, penalties do not include:

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