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Assignment 1 Specification

The purpose of the report is to provide a critical evaluation of the nominated websites and to support your observations and recommendation convincingly. By performing an in-depth evaluation of the following websites:

Upon the completion of the task, you are to provide a formal report documenting your critical evaluation of the two websites. The report should draw particular attention to the interactive aspects and user interface design of the website. Support your critique with appropriate HCI design and evaluation principles as described in

In your report you should:

1. Provide an overview and description of the nominated websites.

2. Identify and elaborate the main features of the websites, drawing on your first impression of the websites, accessibility, navigation, homepage, etc. (Refer to Powell,T 2002. Web Design.

3. Compare and contrast the two websites against the HCI design principles and usability principles.

4. Based on your critique and analysis in items (1) to (3) above, provide a recommendation on how the websites should be improved. Conversely, if further improvement is not required, then provide the reasons why that this is the case.


Except for item (4) of the above, all assertions relating to user interface design principles (e.g. statements like ‘blue text on red background is a poor colour combination’) must be supported by references or critical observation. You can cite additional scholarly references other than the textbook. (Note: Do not use Wikipedia as a source of reference).

You can also snapshot the parts you evaluate from the site and show it in your report for more clarity evidence. And Figures Tables and or diagrams can be added as needed.

1. Introduction – State the purpose and objectives of the report.

2. Discussion – Build your arguments into a cohesive thread, presenting your observations and findings that you have collated from section (1) to (3) from ‘What to Include’ section.

3. Recommendation – This is the section where you present your recommendations —Item (4) from the ‘What to include’ section.

4. Conclusion – Summarise your findings, consolidating and drawing attention to the main points of the report.

5. References. (a minimum of 4 references)

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