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Task Description:
Several different discussion board questions will be made available to students. Each student will be randomly allocated to ONE of the discussion board questions. You are required to provide a main comment of 800 words answering the question. This will need to be appropriately referenced. In addition to this, it is expected that students will provide constructive feedback comments of 300 words each to two other student’s main answers.

Criteria & Marking:
Main comment - Weighting 75%

• Addresses the subject and the issues raised in the question
• Evidence of an appropriate level of research regarding various concepts relating to the question
• Demonstrates an appropriate level of understanding of the theoretical principles and concepts
• Ideas are clearly articulated and coherently structured

Comments regarding other student's main comment - Weighting 25%

• Evidence of understanding of other students point of view
• Constructive feedback regarding their comments and if you agree or disagree and why

This assessment item:
• is a school based activity
• is an individual activity
• does not include a self assessment activity
• does not have a re-attempt provision

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