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You are to research and analyse healthcare performance data in at least two countries one of which must be Australia.  In no more than 3,000 words, compare both countries broken down into the five (5) areas listed below.
(Be careful to pick the other country that is comparable and has the quality of data required to complete the comparison).

1. Funding
1.1 Funding System (including health insurance systems);
1.2 % GDP spent on health

2. System governance arrangements in the country (i.e. who is responsible for what)

3. Population Health Indicators

3.1 Maternal Mortality Rate;
3.2 Infant Mortality Rate;
3.3 Life Expectancy at Birth

4. Health System Performance Indicators:
Incidence of:

4.1 Low birth weight infants
4.2 Obesity
4.3  Diabetes
4.4 Asthma
4.5 Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
4.6 Cancer

5. Management of Quality and Safety in the Health System
Please note that there is an expectation that you will provide an analysis of the similarities or differences in the data reviewed regarding reasons for the differences or similarities; implications for health policy makers and funders and service planning for each.
A copy of the Marking Criteria for this assignment is attached.

When you are ready to submit your final assignment for marking you do not attach a University Assessment cover sheet - to make your ownership declaration to click on the "INDIVIDUAL Assignment cover sheet" link below; answer the questions that will appear; and when you have completed that and submitted it - the final submission portal to upload your work for marking will appear and you can submit through that.

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