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Graduate Qualities:

This project is designed to help develop Graduate Qualities 1, 2 3, 4 and 5, namely Body of Knowledge, Lifelong Learning, Effective Problem Solving, Working Autonomously and Collaboratively, and Ethical Action and Social Responsibility.


The assessment will take into account all of your documentation of the mathematical analysis of the problem,  your  MATLAB  file(s)  (including proper parameter entry), your output,  the correctness of the final solutions and the presentation of your whole report.

Ground rules for internal students

1. This is a group project, and each group should have exactly two students.

2. The two students must share the work equally between them. Each group member will be awarded individually the mark allocated to the report. If the group members have not made an equal contribution according to the details provided on the Peer Assessment form, the Course Coordinator may adjust the marks accordingly.

3. We will keep a list of all groups. Please advise your prac supervisor who you will partner with.

4. Each team member must participate in all aspects of the project: mathematical calculations, MATLAB work, and report writing.

Do not allocate one group member the MATLAB work,  and the other the task of report writing.  Trust me, this never works out well.

Do not allocate one person the first half of the project, and the other the second half. This doesn’t work either.

5. It sometimes happens that a student will come to me close to the end of the project and say “Oh, I don’t have a group yet”. Don’t be that person. It is in your interest to find a partner in good time – preferably before prac 3.

6. It sometimes happens that one partner feels as though they are carrying the group and the second partner is not contributing. If that happens, I need to be informed immediately.

7. It sometimes happens that two partners do not get along, even though both are contributing to the project. If you feel uncomfortable in your group, let me know as soon as possible.

8. If you wish, you may submit a peer assessment by using the form that can be found on the course webpage. Details for submission of the peer assessment can be found on the peer assessment sheet.

9. Under exceptional circumstances, we can allow a student to carry out the project individually. In this case, approval must be given by me. If a student elects to do the project individually, then that student must take full responsibility for the extra workload.

10. The University policy on plagiarism will apply between different groups.

Presenting your work:

• Use a group coversheet.

• Your report should include:

1. A brief introduction (description of the problem, objectives of your report, etc).

2. Written worked answers to all numbered Questions where this is required. Some Tasks will also require you to write something in your report (this is clearly indicated).

3. Appropriately labeled figures where required. Any necessary diagrams may be neatly hand-drawn.

4. A brief conclusion.

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