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Position Report Instructions

For this assignment you will need to write a 1500-word position report on an international hotel chain, taking into consideration the strategic and tactical management decisions that they would need to take to increase their market share, and analyse any available financial and economic data to inform managerial decisions.

This report should explore the current situation this hotel chain is in. You should utilise at least two theoretical models in your positional analysis (e.g. PESTLE and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis).

Present your findings as a research report (1500 words) using the following structure:

• Cover page: Your name, MGT802 and the title of the report: this should be a concise description of your report

• Table of contents: list all major sections with page numbers

• Introduction: Cover the Background (what has come before the report to make it necessary for you to write it?), Aim(s) (what is the main aim(s) of the report?) and Scope (how will you cover this aim(s), discuss sections and what will and won’t be covered).

• The main body: This should explore the current position your chosen international hotel chain is in (utilizing the theory covered within the subject matter of the course). Under each theoretical model you use to analyse the position of your chosen company, you should offer some practical recommendations for ways in which they can improve their current situation. There need to be regular in-text referencing to support your writing.

• Conclusion and recommendations: Using the literature write a short summary of your findings as well as some concise and practical recommendations for further research on the subject matter discussed in your report.

• Reference list: use the APA referencing system.

Please note the following important points:

• The report should be in a clear, easy to read font, 12-point size, with 1.15 spacing. The overall presentation should reflect the appropriate business format.

• Unreferenced reports, or those that do not include a minimum of five (5) references, will receive a grade of 50% or less. The quality of your references will impact your grade (at least three (3) of your sources should be scholarly, i.e. peer-reviewed academic journal articles)

• Descriptive papers (i.e. not critical) will receive a grade of 50% or less

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