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FIT5057 | Individual Assessment: Critical Reflection | Project Management

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In this unit we have discussed Project Integration Management, but it has not been a major focus. However, if you reflect on your major assignment you may realise the many interdependencies among the knowledge areas and the deliverables. In Section 2 of the assignment, you were required to establish a set of key deliverables from some key chosen knowledge areas to effectively and successfully prepare the project plan for the MYKI project. These key deliverables were not randomly chosen.

In this final assessment, critically reflect on what you have learned about:

(1)the integrative nature of the Knowledge areas that were involved in your project,
(2)the importance of the key techniques/tools and processes you established and
(3)how you were able to establish the interdependencies between the knowledge areas.

Use the following question to guide the analytical discussion of your reflective thinking. Your discussions should be between 2,000 to 2,250 words (including in text citatio

Critical Reflection Resources:

See Andrew Junor’s useful criticalresourcesskillsinthe wedekvelopm3andweentk12 sections in Moodle or listen to AndrspresentationwJunor’inweek 12’s lecture.


1. Introduction -
introduction should be a paragraph as the piece is quite substantial. Use the introduction to define and explain the context, intent and the structure of your post

2. Body - the body focuses on your answer to the question and the proposed critical reflections. Ensure it is succinctly written, clearly articulated, and moves coherently from one point to another. Make sure you answer the question in an essay style format.

3. Conclusion - Brings your findings to a conclusion as mentioned above. Synthesise your key points of analysis to offer your final evaluation in response to the question (i.e. “What have you learned from your experience in  integrating  key  knowledge  areas  to  deliver  a  product”

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