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Part 1: Analysis of the Argument (12.5% of subject marks, 25% of postworkshop marks)

Description: Following the information in ‘Tools for Analyzing Arguments’ from Herrick (1995), plan and map your argument as a series of short phrases, establishing what you will say, and the relationship between the parts of your argument. Use this as a way of clearly identifying the steps in your argument, and the logical progression of your argument from reasons to conclusion. This may be different from the order in which you will present information.

1. Simplify and standardise your argument into simple short phrases.
2. Logically structure them from reasons (or premises) to conclusions.
3. Graphically map your argument using the techniques used in the workshop. Refer to the book extract from Herrick (1995) on UTSOnline. ** Note that

Herrick uses top-to-bottom flow in diagramming arguments, and that the examples in Module 6 on critical thinking and argumentation use a bottom-to-top flow. Either convention is acceptable as long as you are consistent in the approach.
ncluded in word count)

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