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Task Description:
The aim of this assessment item is for students to gain valuable insights relating to their industry sectors. Students in groups of 4 are required to undertake a contemporary literature review and/or an informational interview with a manager within an industry related to their degree. Students are required to identify an important issue/situation/problem/concern or development impacting on an organising and or industry.

Students should highlight the importance and implications of this issue and develop an appropriate strategy for addressing this issue. Following this evaluation, students are required to present their identified issue and strategies for addressing this issue to others in the class via an in-class PowerPoint presentation. On the day of presentation, students should present to their instructor: An assignment cover sheet, copy of their ppt slides and a copy of the attached marking sheet. Note: No written report is required only a ppt presentation.

Following your analysis. The class presentation should address the following points:  
1. Provide an overview of the organisation and or industry sector
2. Outline the particular issue and significance of the issue
3. Present strategies and or solutions for addressing this issue
4. Students will also be assessed on their presentation and teamwork skills.
In addition to addressing the above key points within the presentation, students should also ensure there is a depth of current literature presented and where appropriate also reference to class content.

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