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The Scenario for Information Security Management Assessment Tasks

FuturePlus is a newly established, independent charity organisation helping disadvantaged Australian students to continue their education, giving them a chance to a future full of possibilities. To start with, the support includes payments for tuition fees and educational supplies, as well as for student accommodations. However, the organisation plans to develop and offer more programs to help the disadvantaged students, for example, early intervention and tutoring programs. The costs are covered through public donations. FuturePlus collects one-off as well as monthly donations through its website equipped with a secure payment system. They also run special fund-raising drives twice a year by advertising about the event on national television, on their website, and via SMS and e-mails sent to donor list extracted from their donor database.

To manage the operations of the organisation, they have recruited both full-time as well as casual staff. The full-time staff consists of an Operating Manager, an Accountant, a Planning Officer, two Case Officers, and three support staff. There is three casual staff providing extra support to the Case Officers with eligibility checks and visits to the candidate students, also providing updates on students who receive help from FuturePlus. However, the organization is planned to grow in the number of staff members, and students they support in the next few years.

FuturePlus operates from Sydney CBD, occupying one floor of a high-rise building. They have got their network designed and rolled out by your company, with all the servers located in their premise, and have employed your company to provide the ongoing network support. Their office network site is connected to the Internet via 5G cellular wireless technology. They require their database servers and the website to be up and running 24/7. FuturePlus provides their casual staff with portable devices to take on-site case notes during their site visits and send these to the office via secure communications. Since they store sensitive information about their donors, students receiving donations, as well as payment details such as bank account and credit card information, it is of utmost importance that their servers and communications over the Internet are completely secure.

FuturePlus has requested your company’s service of designing a suitable information security program for their organisation.

Note: This scenario was created by Dr Jahan Hassan on the 11th of June 2019 and no part of this scenario should be reproduced by any individual or an organisation without written permission from CQUniversity, Australia.

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