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The objective of this assignment is to assess your understanding of basic project management concepts and your proficiency in using project management software to produce project charts and reports. In particular, the assignment focuses on the following project management knowledge areas in the PMBOK: project integration management, project scope management, project time management and project cost management.

Your task is to develop a project case to incorporate “5G” technologies for a major private hospital in major capital cities. There are many branches of this business. The development is for a private healthcare business that attracts domestic and international customers from all walks of life including adults, teenagers, children, and senior citizens, on a cost-recovery basis.

The business attracts around 300,000 customers per year. The various business Information Systems are quite dated, coming with a number of legacy systems, and the efficiency of the systems in producing management reports and communication technologies are found to be lacking.

The management board decided to incorporate “5G” technologies to accommodate both local and remote customers through “5G” technologies. The immediate task at hand is to develop a Project plan including financial modeling aspects, scope of the project, human resource requirements, scheduling tasks, and customer relationship system requirements. The management board would like to see an integrated, up-to-date “5G” technologies being developed that can operate both for local as well as remote potential customers, but can also provide telehealth services to customers through the latest handheld wireless devices by utilizing the full potential of “5G” technologies. The existing infrastructure has been updated with new core systems but requires additional enhancement to support wireless and telehealth technologies through the 5G network.

The current environment does have a wireless interface to support the wider use of “telehealth technologies” but the management board is concerned with the amount of traffic over the wireless technology infrastructure for this healthcare service provider based business organization. There are 1000 employees, some of whom access the various systems from remote locations.

Your task is to develop a business professional report for the CEO of the business. In the business report, you are expected to provide a complete business/project plan management document to provide an initial idea and scope as to the costs of the project. Your business/project plan management document submission should include the following as per the assignment requirements below.

Part 1 Project Plan (15% marks)

Due Dates: Refer to the course website

In the project plan you must at least do the following adequately:

1 Make necessary assumptions with justifications about the business and articulate to incorporate “5G” technologies (one-page maximum).

2 Provide a summary of expanding your ICT unit to incorporate “5G” technologies (one-page maximum).

3 Provide an initially estimated quality, cost & other resource structure with appropriate justifications (using project management software) to meet the organizational needs within the scope to incorporate “5G” technologies (one page for cost structure; one page for resource structure; and one page for justification).

4 Develop a timesheet with key project aspects such as milestones, slack etc to indicate how long will it take to deploy “5G” technologies (two pages maximum)

5 Provide a complete project plan (PERT & GANTT Chart), with brief interpretations for non-technical board members (two pages maximum).

Part 2  Written Report (20% marks)

In the written report, you must at least do the following adequately:

1 Provide a complete cost-benefit analysis, with brief interpretations for non- technical board members (one-page maximum).

2 Provide a set of recommendations as to how the project can be managed. This should discuss various aspects that are covered in the course textbook. You can choose appropriate aspects to suit your modeling techniques (one-page maximum).

3 Provide a set of recommendations as to how the project integration can be managed. (one-page maximum).

4 Provide an implementation plan detailing time, cost and resource schedules. This is a project management document and you must fully demonstrate your skills in presenting a project management plan (two pages maximum).

5 Provide a comprehensive post-implementation plan. (one-page maximum).

6 Provide a Recommendation & Conclusion with supporting arguments (half-page maximum).

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