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MGT607 | Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship Assessment 3 | Management

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This assessment has two components:

1. 5-7 minute video presentation
2. One page briefing document
Your presentation will be assessed based on the Rubric below and must be a minimum of 5 minutes, and limited to 7 minutes. You need to ensure your presentation is succinct and impactful. Your aim should be to finish your presentation with your audience excited about your opportunity and wanting to be a part of the journey! This presentation will include some or all of the details which you included in your concept plan.

Remember that your audience is investors or management on a Board and as such you will need to pitch your presentation accordingly.
The materials you have covered in Modules 1 through to Modules 5 should provide you with the framework for the components to include in your presentation.

Your presentation should include at a minimum the following areas:

1. Description of your Idea:
   a. Industry Background
   b. Problem
   c. Solution
   d. Business Model - how will you make money?
   e. Competitor Analysis
   f. Unique value proposition – what makes you unique, better and different from your competition
   g. Prototype*

2. Technology Plan (if applicable)

   a. Description of Technology
   b. Technology comparison

3. Marketing Plan:

   a. Total Addressable Market – this will be an estimate
   b. Demographic of primary customer segment - your early adopters, not mass market
   c. Pricing Strategy
   d. Distribution Strategy

4. Financial Plan:

   a. Expense and revenue assumptions
   b. Cashflow model
   c. Break-even analysis
   d. Customer acquisition costs
   e. KPI’s

5. Organisational Plan:
   a. Team – key people / resources required at commencement
   b. Exit Plan

*Please note that you are not required to develop a website for your prototype. The expectation is that your prototype could be a diagram, a flow chart or a drawing.
To support your presentation, you will also be required to submit a one page briefing document which succinctly captures the key points and effectively summarises your presentation for management / decision makers which you have covered above. This briefing document should be sufficient enough to provide an overview of your presentation in the event where a key decision maker cannot see it or needs something to refer to later.

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