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You are required to develop a Business Concept Plan which provides a business solution to an opportunity which you have identified. You need to ensure that the plan demonstrates that your idea is a feasible and viable solution and something that will obtain support from an executive or management team to develop in to a business case, ultimately seeking funding and approval to develop / implement (This will be Assessment 3!).

Consider what it is that will attract approval and funding of your idea. What it is that makes this a great opportunity and something worth developing or progressing?

Whilst the format may vary for your plan, it must include the following:

Cover Page
Industry Background [1-2 paragraphs]
      Problem / Opportunity – description of your idea [1-2 paragraphs] High-level Solution [1-2 paragraphs]
      Business Model - how will you make money? [1-2 paragraphs] Gap Analysis
Competitor Analysis [use a 2-axis matrix]
Unique value proposition – what makes you unique, better and different from your competition
Ideal Customer Profile – before using your product / after
      Total Addressable Market [use a diagram to illustrate]
      Business Model Canvas
      Value Proposition
      Canvas References
Your report will be assessed based on the Rubric below and is limited to a word count of 1500 excluding the cover page.

You must recognise all sources of information; including images that you include in your work. Reference your work according to the APA 6th edition guidelines.

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