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AIBT IT is a computer hardware company. They have hired you to create the inventory system to create the record of the hardware’s. The hardware’s they store are the RAM, CPU, hard disk and the Monitor. They store the type and the quantity of the hardware. (PC 1.1)

You are to create this system using a web application. While creating the application and connecting to the database choose the most efficient development language such as PHP. You can use the database system such as MYSQL. (PC  1.2,2.1)

In the web system, you are required to incorporate the search so it will be easier to search the products.  While using the system the user should be able to Create, delete and update the database through the web application. (PC 3.1,3.2,3.3)

Your design should be to the industry standard level and all the data should be displayed in the most effective way.(PC 2.2,2.3)

Finally ensure all the functionality are correct and the CRUD system you implemented are correct. (PC 3.4)

Create the complete report and submit it for the client sign off.

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