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MANU 1385 | Integrating Technology in Organisations | Management

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The purpose of this assignment is to research and critically analyse and compare the operation of two of the world's major automotive companies insofar as how they integrate technology into their respective organisations. Use course material from lectures 9 to 12, and publicly available information.

This assignment also includes how these organisations need to identify, assess, and integrate both existing as well as new emerging digital technologies into their organisations. New emerging digital technologies could include robots, 3D printing, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, augmented Reality etc.

Report writing structure:

• Report title, the number of your CLN, CLN members names and student numbers

• Introduction (set context, define background and definitions)

• Problem/opportunity context

• Literature study

• Methodology and approach, and limitations

• Discussion 

• Findings

• Recommendations and conclusions

• Recommendations for further research

• References

• Attachments

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