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You are to evaluate the Hoyts Cinemas website for usability issues using the Neilsen and Moloch heuristic.

1. Submit a report (5 pages maximum) detailing the usability issues that were located. The report should lists each heading in the heuristic followed by a discussion of the related issues found on the site. This should include:

   a. What the issue is and where is it located

   b. Why the issue is a problem;

   c. Whether the issue is a significant or a minor issue

   d. Possible remediation actions that could resolve the issues found. (40 marks)

2. Submit a set of recommendations to implement your remediation actions. The recommendations should describe the changes to be made and your reasoning for those changes. This should be no more than 2 pages. (20 marks)

3. Submit a wireframe design showing how your improvements would be implemented.

   a. This wireframe does not need to show all pages in the site, but should show as a minimum, the home page, at least two different movie pages, a tickets page, and one other page that you consider appropriate.

   b. Each page must contain descriptions of all components.

   c. The wireframe has to be submitted as a working prototype using Balsamiq Mockups. (40 marks)

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