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This assignment is an individual submission for each team member. However, to complete the assignment, a high level of communication, commitment and coordination, brain storming is required within your team.

Your team will engage in an engineering project with a client. Your client can be a company, industry, government or semi-government organization, or a person with an engineering problem. This task provides opportunities to enable you to work with real world problem and develop your professional competencies while working with project stakeholders and professionals. As an individual; and a member of a Project Team, each of you have to perform a task and submit it as an individual submission. The task is described in detail in the following sections.
Your team will maintain a high level communication protocols, within your team as well as with project stakeholders throughout.

2.Learning Outcomes
This assignment has been devised to allow students to demonstrate progress towards achieving the following unit learning outcomes:
• ULO1 – Demonstrate knowledge of engineering project management issues such as: the constraints of project management; the project management knowledge areas and process groups, as specified in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK); the project life cycle, all as related to engineering
• ULO3 – Demonstrate knowledge of engineering project management tools and techniques such as: Work breakdown structures (WBS), planning, budgeting and MS Project

Students are encouraged to review all other learning outcomes to discover additional learning opportunities which will increase the quality of their submission and final results.

3.1 Team work and individual tasks
Your team has been asked to come up with a project of your choice from a range of topics and disciplines related to engineering. Your team will then work on this project in order to identify potential solutions and determine the ‘optimum’ solution by applying principles of project management to the client.

The budget for the project is AUD 300,000 (minimum spend of AUD 200,000), with a cap on outsourcing of 20-25% of the total project budget. Your project team should discuss the final project budget with facilitators. Based on the agreed budget the team will have to decide on the project scope, schedule and deliverables. Through discussion, brain storming your project team will take the decision on project brief and allocate various parts of the project brief among the team members.

3.2 Individual tasks
Working individually, the four submissions from your team members should complete all sections of the "Interim Project Plan" as per template provided. This means the project plan is divided into four parts and each member of the team should work on one part.

3.3 Format of the output:
3.3.1 Interim project plan
You have been asked to submit a comprehensive interim plan on your respective area to the program manager of your project (assuming you are the project manager nowspecifically focusing on your functional areas):
1. Clearly explain the context and details of the project in producing the interim project management plan applicable to your area supporting with evidence
2. The interim plan of your respective area needs to demonstrate the use of the tools, techniques and methods, documents you have learnt during the first five weeks.
3. Create an assumptions log stating all the assumptions/estimation you made in project planning by identifying sources clearly and providing evidence.

4.1 Group work and general
• This assignment is to be completed and submitted by each team member. When put together, all the four submissions from a team should form a concise and coherent project brief (however you do not need to submit this combined document at this stage). The quality of the individual submission and all the submission from a team will be the reflection of synergy in the team. It is highly recommended that before the submission, the whole team should meet and go through the work of other team members to ensure that everything is fitting well as per the team’s project.
• Length: The total length of the report is expected to be 1000-1500 words in text and supporting figures, tables and charts (Including the assumptions log, excluding appendices and references)
• Evidence of group work: You may not need to include all the meeting documentation at this point.
• Each submission (individual) should start with a brief description of the project and should include a write up on your role, responsibilities and importance of your role in achieving the project’s objectives
• All contributions from the members should align with to cater to the same project objectives

4.2 Submission Requirements
The following are submission requirements for all student teams.
• A submission coversheet should be provided (Sample cover sheet in Appendix 1).
• More details as to how your work should be distributed among group members is stated as Appendix 2.
• The report should have a clear structure and headings and subheading must be used. Numbering of headings is required.
• You should use an appropriate academic writing style and include a list of references. Refer to Deakin’s Guide to Assignment Writing and
Referencing, available online from Student Life, for assistance on appropriate report styles and referencing. Failure to include referencing section with evidence and sources of information will have a penalty of 10% will be imposed.
• Read the Assessment Criteria provided in Appendix 3 for guidance on how this assignment will be marked. Make sure that any analysis you present is your own – not simply a summary of what is presented in source or reference materials. Your submission is a proposed project plan (and not a full project report).
• The submitted report file format must be in PDF and make sure your submission is made with in the respective group folder.
• Clear presentations of work is expected. A well-structured text- based format with the report layout consisting of a few sections of text (with section headings) is the minimum standard.
• Use photos or diagrams if necessary and relevant in your report. Use of Arial or Calibri at least 10-point font size for body text is recommended. Single-spaced paragraphs arerecommended.
• There must be a Reference Section (Bibliography) in your submission. Marks will be deducted if it is omitted, not suitably formatted, or lacking relevant citations. Use a suitable referencing style such as the IEEE or Harvard Style or similar. (IEEE is preferred)
• Online and in-person resources and materials are available from Student Life for all students to assist with assignment writing and referencing skills. Student Life also provides online and in-person resources to assist with understanding plagiarism and how to avoid producing it in your academic work.
• A penalty of 5% will be imposed for each day for the late submissions. Student will not be able to upload the files after 5 days from the due date. File submission through emails is not accepted.
• It is recommended to make any consideration on special consideration and assignment extension requests 48 hour prior to the deadline. Requests made after that would require the first submission to be made before the deadline and a revised submission to be made on the approved date.
• Students are expected to provide self and peer evaluation feedback to Assessment Task 1 in SPARK+. The deadline for submission of feedback is the 19th of April, 5 pm AEST. Please refer to the document provided in the Assignment folder on Self & Peer Evaluation for Assessment Task 1.

4.3 Submission Deadline
Students are to upload their Assignment Submission on the unit site under

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