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Each student is required to prepare and submit a 2,500-word report based on the presentation delivered during seminars of the module in international business law. 

The written work must be submitted online via Turnitin on Moodle as well as in hard copy. The hard-copy should be placed in the White Submission Box in the foyer of the G corridor. A green cover sheet should be attached to the front of the hard copy. These cover sheets are available beside the White Submission Box. Please ensure that the details are completed on the Green cover sheet. 

• The Report should be submitted electronically via Turnitin only; 

• Maximum of 2,500 words o This includes all quotes o This does not include footnotes. o A full bibliography is required, but this does not form part of the word count (see OSCOLA quick reference guide below). o An allowance of 10% either under or over this specified length is allowed. 

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