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1. Identify 4 global megatrends and assess their potential impact on Rovio Entertainment’s strategic position. From your analysis what are Rovio’s major threats and opportunities? Justify your stance.

Section B
Answer One question from this section

2. Use theory of ecosystems and relevant examples to compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of Finland and Japan as the home bases for a global gaming giant. From your analysis, what are the salient advantages or disadvantages of Rovio Entertainment’s current homebase?.
3. Using the concept of 'scenario planning,' evidence from the case study and your own research, construct 5 and 10 year scenarios for Rovio Entertainment and recommend relevant strategic options for each scenario. Support your arguments with theory and relevant examples.
4. Using the Business model canvas and relevant academic theory, critically analyse Rovio Entertainment’s business models over the period covered by the case study. What are the strengths and weaknesses of its key business models?  Support your arguments with both theory and relevant examples.
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