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To Successfully complete Assessment 1 you are required to complete Part one (1) AND Part two (2).

Part 1:
• Locate a small-to-medium sized firm (SME) in Australia. It has to be an SME that has potential to expand internationally. You need to explain what it is and why you believe the firm can compete internationally.
• Conduct secondary research on the chosen SME in order to identify key descriptive information on the entity, such as the industry, industry market structure, firm’s competitive position within this industry in Australia, firm’s target market in Australia and overseas (if it already sells overseas).
• In addition, you need to identify what is considered an SME in Australia, how different SMEs are from large firms, and what that means for the SME entering an international market.

Part 2:
• Locate an emerging market you believe is appropriate for the firm to enter.
• It should involve the application of a number of the key relevant theories, concepts, and models applicable to analysing international business environment (which will be analysed in your second assignment) and theories relevant to market entry strategy (entry strategy is part of your second assignment). For example, on the environment you may want discuss the OLI framework (Dunning, 1977) or the Institutional theory (North, 1990). Please, note, these are just a couple of examples and you are strongly advised to go beyond just these two theories. Remember, you should be able to relate the theories to the chosen market.

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