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To successfully complete Assessment 2 you are required to complete Part one (1), two(2), three (3) AND four (4).

Based on the information (e.g. theory) presented in your first assignment you will need to discuss and analyse the chosen emerging market environment. You need to develop entry strategy into the emerging market chosen and described by you in the first assignment. Please remember, that you must draw on theory developed in the first assignment and justify the choice of all elements of the strategy (place of entry, timing of entry, scale of entry, and mode of entry). You also need to briefly discuss resources required to undertake this entry strategy. The key question for your marker here is “Why” – so, when you describe the selected elements of entry strategy, you need to justify the selection based on theory, other firms’ experience you may have found in the literature, and, of course, common sense. Graphical illustrations, maps, and any supporting visual materials (if found relevant) will be positively looked upon (only if they add value to the main discussion). You must closely relate your entry strategy to the information provided in the first assignment (host country industry, environment, peculiarities of the SME, SME and country environment theory, etc).

Additionally, as corruption has been a serious issue, to a varying extent, in all emerging markets, ensure you have a solid discussion on the topic of corruption or bribery in the emerging market. When doing so, please draw on appropriate theory/concepts and provide recommendations on how the firm may deal with it.

Suggested format:
Whilst the format may vary for your report, below is suggested format for you to follow:

• Cover Page (course, assignment title, student name/id, word count in main body)
• Table of Contents (list all main and sub-section headers, include page numbering)
• Introduction (identify the chosen organisation, approach to be taken in the Report, structure of the Report). Suggest up to 100 words
• Main body
     o Background (brief biographical on the chosen organisation, its domestic market, and its product(s), and its likely key competencies). Suggest up to 100 words
     o Country Choice & Product Choice (briefly identify chosen country, and specific product(s) produced by the SME. Justify in some detail why the particular country has been chosen and the reasons for the product choice). Discuss the host country environment based on theory presented in your 1 assignment.
     o Useful Theories & Concepts in Strategy Design (cite up to five key theories and concepts features in different Modules that you should consider in advising the SME). Suggest up to 700 words
     o International Business Strategy Choice (select one of the potential market entry options; describe how the ‘business model’ might work in terms of future business operations in the chosen country). Suggest up to 600 words
     o Strategic Implications of the Choice (discuss the resources required to implement the international business strategy, and possible risks. Specifically discuss organizational, financial, marketing, leadership and human resources, as well as environmental considerations). Suggest up to 200 words
• Conclusion (detail and reflect on the information that was available and utilised in assembling this assignment, considering whether there was enough, its validity and reliability). Suggest up to 100 words
• Reference list (list all sources consulted).
• Appendix (not mandatory, any material that supports points made in the main body).

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