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This assessment requires you to develop the remaining sections of a comprehensive international marketing plan for your selected organisation in the new Asian country target market. The final document should include your work from Assessments 1 and 2, revised as necessary, as the first parts of the overall plan. This final part (Assessment 3) of the International marketing plan should an additional 2.500 words in length

The aim is to recommend a marketing mix strategy that will enable the organisation to achieve its objectives in the new market. This includes:

• objectives for the first 12 months of your plan;
• strategic recommendations for the 4Ps (or 7Ps), including the extent of standardisation vs. adaptation with respect to domestic or other international marketing plans already in place; and
• plans for managing, measuring and controlling the international marketing effort.

Online submission via Turnitin is required for this assignment. Details will be provided by your subject lecturer.

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