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1. What is the final process that completes a Sprint?

2. Kim says : I have worked on an Agile Scrum team before.
Which task is not likely to have been done by Kim?

3. What is the name of the person (in Agile) that removes all obstacles that prevents the development team from doing their work?

4. An iteration or short development cycle in Agile Scrum is  called :

5. Agile focuses on two main areas. What are they?

6. A university is employing Agile to obtain information on its students travel options to/fro campus. The database that it is drawing from has name, full address, postcode, car ownership details, distance from campus, start times of the first class class each day, end times of the last class each day, disability information (if any), year of study and their travel preference.
The first Agile Sprint is likely to be a presentation of : 

7. What is Agile?

8. Which of the following process or terminology is not part of Agile Scrum?

9. What does the project backlog in Agile do?

10.Which of the following environment can use Agile?

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