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Social Media have powerful effect on organisational processes and the value chain (see table 8.2 on p.191 of your textbook).

Choose any two activities of the value chain and describe use of social media for that value chain activity.

Use two (2) different detailed examples for each value chain activity illustrating how a company uses social media in its value chain and how it gives competitive advantage to the company. Your example must describe a real company and its usage of social media to support a value chain activity1.

Note, sections Introduction and Conclusion can be named with these titles Introduction and Conclusion respectively). Main section should be named based on its content. “Literature review” is NOT a suitable title as your whole assignment is literature review.


Your paper must be submitted via the Turnitin link in the Learning Management System (Canvas) in pdf or docx format. Name your file for this assignment in the form NNNNNNN_LastName.docx where the NNNNNNN is replaced by your student number. Your submission to Turnitin must include a Title Page, your essay, and the References list.

Submissions via email are NOT accepted.

You must include references to demonstrate research relating to the discussion and analysis. Given that this will be a current issues paper, references should be no older than 5-7 years (i.e. published not earlier than 2012). We recommend that you use to search for references. If you do your search via your login to Swinburne library, you are more likely to have access to full papers (

Although we understand that students may have work experience and are entitled to have their opinion on a topic, this assignment must be based on research literature. Therefore every group of sentences, every paragraph must have a reference cited. All cited references must appear in the reference list at the end of your paper.

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